Given the inspiration to play the whistle by a good friend and consummate musician, it was but a small step to move into design and manufacture. All my whistles are hand made, tuned and voiced and each has a tone as unique and individual as the player.

Wooden instruments are hand made from native of woods such as Hawthorn, Holly, Beech, Yew and Cherry, but largely dependant on what I can get free!. Each is as unique as the wood it is crafted from and they have a simple, classic design. Fipples are usually cherrywood. Most exotics are also available such as Lignum, Blackwood, Box, Cocobolo, Olive and if I can get hold of it, I will also use wood that has a bit of history, old beams, furniture and so on, this gives old wood a new purpose and gives the whistles a bit more character

My aluminium instruments are also hand made and offer the player greater volume and resilience. At present these are Standard whistles only. Tuning slides will hopefully be offered shortly

Every whistle is made to order and being so, players preference for hole placement and size can, within reason, be accommodated. A whistle with small holes gives a light and responsive tone, those with larger holes, a richer and more rounded tone.

Wooden presentation boxes are available and can be inlaid with a genuine Irish Penny, a unique feature as these are no longer in circulation. Grab a piece of Irish history!

Looked after properly, your Weston Whistle will reward you with years of playing pleasure.

For more detailed descriptions of my instruments, please feel free to contact me. Details below:

Click here to download a Tony Hinnigan review of my Blackwood instrument.

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