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Weston Whistles

Hand-made instruments in Wood and Aluminium

The Weston whistles Story.....

After the Roadtrip and the adventures along the way, Weston Whistles is pleased to be back!

The journey from the early days of making whistles from scrap copper pipe through to developing my own design of tunable wooden instruments , reaches its next chapter as the new workshop takes shape alongside the new life in the sun! I hope to breathe new life into the exciting, different woods available to me and continue to grow and share my passion and craft with players across the world. The new wood whistles are branded as ‘Apollo’ and will be available in the keys E through to A.                                                                                             Apollo is the God of Music and dance so seems appropriate, and my community here in Turkey is called Apollonium, close to the ancient Temple of Apollo in Didim.                                                                                           If you want to discuss any special needs or want to know more about my work, please feel free to get in touch.