Weston Whistles

Hand-made instruments in Wood and Aluminium

The Weston whistles Story.....

Weston whistles started over 20 years ago, as a hobby. Having spent my working life in product and environmental design, and as a budding whistle player unable to find a whistle I was happy with (as it turned out, that was the player. Nothing to do with the whistles!), the challenge of designing and making a whistle of my own was too much to resist!

And the rest is history!

I quickly moved from copper to wood and I try to use the beauty and natural charm of wood to create unique instruments that are personal to the player. I work with mainly native timbers but will go into the exotic hardwoods; some of these have stunning grain patterns and if I can get hold of it I will use antique wood from old furniture, clock cases, door frames or even warship shaft bearings!

Each and every instrument is hand-made. There will be variations in style, voice, volume and colour. No two will ever be the same. If you buy a Weston Wood Whistle, you are guaranteed to have one that is as unique as you are.

More recently, I moved into a range of one-piece aluminium whistles. Again, these are hand made and finished. These give a bit more consistency in tone and volume, being wide bore, they give a rich voice, making them a good session instrument.

I keep a small stock of wood blanks, mainly the native species. This changes all the time so if you want to see what I have, there is a list on my Stock Page. If you can’t see what you want here, get in touch. Most wood is available from my stockists. Otherwise I will just go foraging!

And finally: Why Weston? 

Its my name! One of them anyway.