hand-crafted instruments in Copper, Aluminium and Wood                   


The 'Westwood'

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These whistles are hand turned and finished using a variety of hardwoods. These examples are fashioned from Rosewood on the left and Spalted Beech on the right and shown in their presentation boxes.

Every instrument is different in character as expected from a natural material. Whistles can be supplied in a hand-made wooden presentation box, in either matching or contrasting wood. The boxes shown below with with the whistles are in matching Rosewood and Iroko respectively. Please feel free to e-mail or call me to discuss your personal preferences.

Each presentation box has a trademark genuine Irish Penny inlaid into the lid and Personal engraved presentation plaques can be fitted if required. Please call to discuss.

Tuning Slides in brass can be added if required and fipples can be made in aluminium or wood depending on preference


ROSEWOOD                BEECH                            CHERRY                              MAHOGANY                      LIGNUM VITAE        OLIVEWOOD                      COCOBOLO




The Ancient Mariner. 

Crafted from 250yr old mahogany reputed to have been recovered 

from a wrecked sailing ship before being used as a door frame for a couple of centuries.

Whistle and box crafted from the same piece of wood.

This whistle is the only one of its kind as there was only enough wood without cracks, worm holes and stains to make one whistle and box.

Currently resides in America.

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The Indic Set.

This set was commissioned in Antique Indian Rosewood and tuned to Indic scales, including 4-hole Pentatonic . These were named after Hindu deities and engraved with the Sanscrit sybolism for One - these being the first (and only!) set of its kind. The boxes for these as seen on the clip are engraved with the Sanskrit symbols for Durga, Shiva, Mahshisha and Ohm.

Click HERE for a Video clip by Tony Hinnigan who shows what these whistles are capable of