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These are some recordings and videos of me playing the whistles I have made. They are not intended to be virtuoso performances, just examples of the whistles!  Don’t shoot the messenger!

Purpleheart D
Mahogany Bb
Spalted Beech Tunable C
Non-Tunable Ash D
Norwegian Maple Tunable D

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  1. Hi. I love the sound of the non tuneable ash d. Very nice. I love the look of those horn ones you posted on Facebook.
    All your whistles are stunning. I was going to upgrade my whistle to a Killarney or similar but now I’m not sure after seeing yours ha ha.
    I work on the emergency ambulances and started playing to ease the stress of dealing with covid this last year. Do you offer any nhs discount? I know it’s cheeky, I ask everywhere I go.
    Take care. Speak soon with hopefully choices for an order.

    1. Charlie
      Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m not working right now as I’ve emigrated and have to rebuild a workshop. Keep an eye on the website; I’m hoping to be up and running again in the new year.

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