Recent Commissions

One-Piece Olive-Ash

This is a pretty non-tunable whistle using olive-ash. This is heartwood ash that; depending on the cut; can look very much like olive wood. It is hard and dense and makes a lovely sounding whistle, bright without being shrill, still keeping a mellow wooden whistle… Read More »One-Piece Olive-Ash

Cocobolo with brass trim

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Cocobolo is getting very hard to obtain due to the fact that is is critically endangered. Fortunately there are still some blanks available with suppliers but when they’re gone, they’re gone. This is Mexican Cocobolo. There is also Nicaraguan Cocobolo which has a redder/orange colour… Read More »Cocobolo with brass trim

Spalted Beech With brass trim

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This is a commission for a native wood whistle. I chose this wood as the graining on spalted beech can be stunning. This; I think; proves my point.

Off to Australia!

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This is a one-piece whistle in Spalted Beech with a box. I would usually etch then box with my ‘Arwen’ inspired logo but as this whistle is to be used in re-enactment events, it was preferred that the box remained without any adornment.