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Weston Whistles

Hand-made instruments in Wood and Aluminium

The 'Apollo' Wooden Whistle

The ‘Apollo’ wood whistle is carefully hand crafted using selected native and exotic woods.
These can be modified to suit your own requirements using contrasting timber inserts, brass or aluminium trims and fipple style.
Being hand-made, no two whistles will be the same, the character of the wood will give each instrument a unique voice and look and each one is hand-made to order. Below is a gallery of examples showing the different styles available. Please contact me either using the e-mail form or call me to discuss what can be achieved.

Current stock of blanks can be found on my Stock Wood List. Please don’t assume this is up to date! Check with me first. In any event, most wood can be obtained quickly from my suppliers. 

Or I just go foraging!


Various oils are used for finishing the whistles, particularly Linseed and Almond. Some woods also have been known to cause severe allergic reactions. If you think you might be susceptible, please contact me for advice.