Weston Whistles

Hand-made instruments in Wood and Aluminium

Customers reviews

These whistles are playing in nicely. I have found the cocobolo one is wonderful for jazz and classical/baroque material, with just the right kind of attack and response, and the ability to play several baroque trills which don't sound right on many whistles.…
just a quick email to say I the Cocobollo whistles in C and D arrived today, if I said I was happy that would be an understatement, the look amazing and sound great. You are a true craftsman and I also think some kind of wizard as you have taken a piece of wood, fused it with copper and aluminium, drilled a few holes and what you then created a beautiful looking whistle.
Received my whistle a few days ago. Love it! Love the wood! Craftsmanship is worth waiting for. The Problem is the Whistle is better then the whistler. I’m working on that!